I couldn’t have asked for a better launch for my general election campaign to strengthen the ban on hunting. Along with my friends at the League Against Cruel Sports, I had an incredibly busy first weekend on the campaign trail.

Finding my voice

#UnitedAgainstHunting logo

First, on Friday this very website went live to give a voice to the country’s animals who live in fear of illegal hunting. I’m proud to champion all foxes and am determined that, together with my human friends, we can put this high on the agenda for the general election.

Importantly, this website is here to give you an easy way to tell all candidates how you feel about the cruel sport of fox hunting. Have you visited the Take Action page and written to your candidates yet? It only takes a few minutes!

We know thousands of people already have. Soon after the website launched it crashed under the weight of your support. Thankfully I have the help of plenty of clever humans behind the scenes who were able to fix it and get the campaign back online.

Since then more than 5,000 emails have been sent to parliamentary candidates asking them where they stand on the Hunting Act 2004 and urging them to support my call to #StrengthenTheBan.

Read more about why it is so important to strengthen the ban, particularly during the ‘Autumn Hunting’ season when illegal fox cub hunts still happen.

My first #UnitedAgainstHunting roadshow

On Saturday I took a trip to Cardiff for the first of seven roadshows being held across the UK. There on Queen Street my foxy friends and I meet hundreds of people in our brightly coloured campaign marquee.

When they heard that animals like me were still under treat because of loopholes in the hunting ban, many emailed their general election candidates on the spot. Thank you to everyone – big and small – who took the time to speak with my helpers. Your support means everything to me.

If you were in Cardiff you may have also spotted one of my friends cycling around the city with a #UnitedAgainstHunting banner towed behind his bike.

United Against Hunting TeamThe whole day was such a buzz. Seeing that so many passionate people are willing to stand with me against fox hunting has strengthened my trust in humans.

I now can’t wait to meet even more people at the other six #UnitedAgainstHunting roadshows happening in the coming weeks.

If you are coming to a roadshow let me know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And don’t forget to email your general election candidates now. It really is easy and fast to do.

Thanks friends!